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Wisconsin Catholic
Youth Rally

Wisconsin catholic youth rally 2024 theme: 

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2024 Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally

carroll university
shattuck music center

Catholic School Edition

6th-8th Grade

Friday, March 15, 2024




Registration open
December 15 – March 12

Prices reduced

from 2023!

Middle School &

High School Edition

Saturday, March 16, 2024




Registration open
December 15 – March 8



Event Flyers:

Join us next year on March 14-15, 2025!

Registration takes place online via credit card payment only and is non-refundable for cancellations.

*Friday's event in the Shattuck Auditorium and the additional seats in the Ballroom are both sold out. We'd love to see you on Saturday instead!

Ministry Team:

Keynote Speaker:

Kris Frank

Director of Missionary Growth and Partnerships for the National Eucharistic Congress


Worship Leader:

Conference Priests:

 Saturday Evening Mass Celebrant

Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Bishop Schuerman


2023 testimonials

Students from All Saints Catholic School in Kenosha

“It helped me understand that we need to listen to God as much as we talk to him.”


“I was impressed by the participation of the schools and how many kids there were.”


“I was impressed by how enthusiastic SO many people are about their faith.”


“This experience helped me understand that God is good and the most reliable thing ever!”


“The speakers gave us so many examples of how God loves us and how we should love Him, too.”

“When at this rally, I made a realization. When it was time for adoration, I realized Jesus is actually present. I always knew this, but when I was there, I realized the importance. It seemed so different.  I got a gut feeling. I will use this to know God always cares about us.”


"I learned it is very important to choose your words carefully."


"Make prayer a part of your daily life even if it’s just a few minutes everyday."

“God is our Father who loves us for who we are and is still there to answer our prayers and to help us become what he wants us to be.”

"Keeping a rosary in your pocket is a simple way to keep Christ in your life."

“I need to pray more to hear God call to me.”


"Miracles didn’t just happen long ago; they happen everyday."

“This rally motivated me to begin praying daily and confide in the Lord.”

'What made a big impact on me was the number of students who stood up wanting to be priests or sisters."



Get involved!

We are in need of volunteers to make the two days a success. If you’d like to volunteer for one or both days, please contact Missy Dieterich at


Please note that all volunteers must be Safe Environment Trained


 “I am grateful for the Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally and how this event offers a powerful message to teens. My son was so touched by the event that he thanked me for purchasing a WCYR t-shirt for him. He told me when he wore this t-shirt it would remind him of what a gift the event was. He commented he felt like a different person that day and that the event was life-changing. Thank you Arise Ministry!.”


Elisa, 2022 volunteer

 “I can only describe the Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally in one word: AMAZING!”

Emily M., 2021 attendee

 “I knew something was going on in my heart that I didn't really understand... That night in Adoration, I encountered Jesus, and my life has never been the same.”

Emily N., 2014 & 2022 attendee


"We worked hard as a planning team this year to make sure the WCYR was very interactive, rather than just a video to watch. These kids are tired of online schooling. We made sure there were games, check-ins with off-site groups and engagement in group Rosaries. I think that really made a difference for those who were not able to be here in-person.”


Missy Dietrich, WCYR Volunteer

“The Rally is very fun and inspiring. It’s helped me to meet Jesus and to reform my life a little bit. It’s a touching experience; the speakers are really great and the songs hit the heart in the right spot. The encounter with Jesus at Adoration is perfect.”


Jack D., 2021 attendee


“The WCYR has been very educational for my growth and religious faith. The music and speakers are very loud, but pull me into a different kind of prayer. You should bring something to take notes on the speakers so you can reflect on it later.”


Helen S., 2021 attendee

"I am different than when I came. It was life-changing."

Daniel, 2022 attendee

"I went to the Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally, March 18, 2017, with
my son and that was a changing point in my life. Who would've known that day would change my life forever. It wasn't until that day that I realized how much God loved me."

Melissa, 2017 attendee

2023 Highlights

Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally


To our sponsors

Thank You






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Interested in sponsoring this event?
Please reach out to Francis X. Vogel, Development Director, at or at (414) 520-4790.

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