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2021 Speaker Lineup

Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally
Josh Blakesley Band Picture 2.jpg
Josh Blakesley

As a songwriter, specifically for liturgy in today’s era, the question that provokes Josh is, ‘how do I create a song that will honor traditions yet speak to the modern Church and lead them to worship?’ So, he collaborated with his guitar player, Grae McCullough, to write a new mass setting, paying homage to the hymns of the past and the current culture of modern worship. “Every week we lead music for school and parish Masses, so we knew we needed something that would resonate with all ages. We also wanted it to be joyful, approachable and easy to sing but still fresh, dynamic and expressive,” says Josh.


In spring of 2017, he released the long-awaited project through OCP called Mass of Restoration: Acoustic Sessions. You can find more information by visiting visit and searching ‘Mass of Restoration’.


Josh continues to tour heavily with his band, playing at churches, youth and adult conferences, camps, and more. Currently he is the Music Ministry Coordinator for St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church and resides in Houston, TX with his wife Heather and their two children, Sophie and Sutton.


For more information, visit

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