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A Profound Moment of Pure Love

I can truly say that if it weren’t for the Arise Saturday Night I attended two years ago, I wouldn’t have experienced such a profound moment of pure love from Jesus that brought me back to my faith.

I came to the event because it was taking place at my parish down the street, and because I was going through a lot of spiritual and emotional turmoil. I was 71 days sober and struggling, was experiencing issues in my marriage that really took a toll on both me and my husband, and overall, I felt really, really alone. After listening to the beautiful music and presentation, I decided to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time in seven years.

And honestly, when I walked into the room where the priest was waiting, I didn’t feel as though anything was going to change in my heart. I expected the same two-minute, awkward listing of sins that society convinced me weren’t really sins, a hasty penance and then the same rush out the door I was used to experiencing since I was a child. But it wasn’t like that at all.

My confessor was compassionate and took the time to really ask me the important questions. I didn’t feel like I was a bother or felt rushed so he could get through the rest of the people who were waiting. At that moment, I felt the love and compassion that Jesus had been waiting to show me for years.

It was a true encounter with the love of Jesus, and I’m so grateful for Arise Milwaukee for all they do so that I and countless others have that same opportunity.

-Amy T.

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