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Helping People Grow in Holiness

September Schubilske

Q: What motivates you to volunteer with AriseMKE?

A: To help others grow in their relationship with Jesus by serving where it’s needed.

Q: How have you witnessed God at work in someone’s life?

A: I see people seeking and longing for God and community. Mostly I hear people saying to me “this is beautiful” and being moved to tears. The work of God started for me in 2013 when the Holy Spirit poured out on me. At my first Arise the air was thick with incense and the Holy Spirit. After that, on a more regular basis, I began to hear words and messages of encouragement during Mass, Adoration and prayer. The next Arise event was where God moved me to mission. God used my “Yes” to Him to expand the work He was doing already and wanted me to do through Him. The time in volunteering feeds me through allowing that time to be for others and not just me. God is so awesome like that!

Q: What do you like most about AriseMKE events?

A: The way that everything comes together. It is the work of God through the planning team, the music ministry, the speakers, Adoration, confession, prayer teams and through fellowship that makes an AriseMKE event help people grow in holiness. Each of these are like a body – our body needs all the different parts to work together.

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