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The Prayerful Generosity of Arise

Having been privileged to be involved with Arise Milwaukee since the first summers of Cor Jesu at St. Robert’s, the intentional prayer organized by AriseMKE for myself and my two classmates before our ordination to the transitional diaconate meant so much. While I continue to be grateful for that Novena, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the prayerful generosity of the AriseMKE community throughout my many years of priestly formation.

To be ordained in these times was a testament not just to the beautiful providence of our loving God, but also a sign of hope that I know would not have been brought about were it not for the prayers and sacrifices of so many in our local Church. As a deacon, I am certainly looking forward to being – finally – in the vineyard, as I am humbled to be celebrating in these months my first baptisms, funerals, and marriages. As my class continues our journey onto the altar of God, please know of my gratitude and prayers of thanksgiving for the fruit that AriseMKE is bearing in our Church. God bless you.

- Deacon Michael Malucha

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