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Spark Youth Leadership
Spark Youth Leadership 
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applications for 2022 are now closed.

Thinking about participating next year? Fill out our interest form below!
Theme for 2022-2023
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The Spark Student Leadership ministry has returned for 2022! The Spark is a leadership formation program for teens in 9th-12th grade who are interested in growing in their faith through discipleship and leadership in the Catholic Church. Participants will learn about how to be more faithful in prayer, how to talk to peers about faith and how to identify God's calling. The Spark Team will use what they have learned to serve at the annual Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally as peer leaders.
For questions about The Spark or the application process, please contact us at
Important Dates*
September 1:
Applications Open

October 31:
Applications Close

Interview Process

December 10:
Day of Reflection

January 15: 

The Spark Meeting #1

February 5: 
The Spark Meeting #2

February 18-19: 
Retreat Weekend

March 12: 
The Spark Meeting #3

March 17-18: 
Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally

April 23:
The Spark Meeting #4

May 19: 
Wrap-Up Event

*Dates are subject to change for the betterment of Arise staff and/or The Spark members.

About The Spark:

Mission Statement:
The Mission of The Spark Team is to establish Catholic fellowship & missionary disciple qualities that will excite, inspire, capture & ignite other young people for Jesus. Our goal is to enable high school students to create a mission plan and supply the tools and resources necessary for success.

Vision Statement:
Starting with the 2022-2023 year, The Spark Leadership Team will write a new vision statement at the first meeting based on the theme, their desired outcomes, and the areas that The Spark leaders will be training them in. Check in after our first meeting in December to see what The Spark wrote!

The Spark Leaders:
Mackenzie Nguyen
Ministry Coordinator at Arise MKE

Brendan Sanchez
The Spark Team Lead

This team will meet once monthly for 2 hours, December through May, and will also receive an overnight retreat. This is an incredible opportunity to grow as a disciple on a mission!

The cost to be on The Spark Leadership Team is $75, which will provide a Spark t-shirt, snacks for the meetings, retreat, & lunch at the Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally. Please reach out to if cost is an issue.

The Spark Leadership program is a co-sponsored initiative through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee



Spark Team 2021-2022

I am Ella Wawrzyn and last year was my first year on the spark team. I met amazing people and was able to grow in my faith. I really enjoyed our Sunday afternoon meetings and retreat at holy hill. My favorite part of the year was the Wisconsin Catholic youth rally, especially the adoration. I am very excited for this year! 

Spark Team 2021-2022

My name is Megan Petersen and I have been a part of The Spark Leadership Team for one year so far and hope to continue until I have graduated high school. I joined The Spark in my freshman year of high school. We got to meet every month, go on a retreat at Holy Hill, and volunteer at the Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally. Throughout the course of the year these events and meetings helped me to learn more about God and allowed me to spend more time with him. I was able to really slow down and be in the presence of our creator. I am going to continue with The Spark and learn more about what God has to offer me. I also hope to learn more about myself and God.

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