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2023 Speaker Lineup

Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally
Fr. Aaron Laskiewicz

I have been blessed to be raised in a Catholic family since birth. Ever since childhood, going to church, saying my prayers, and being a good Christian, was very important. I was also blessed to have so many good examples in my life of how to live our call to holiness. This was really meaningful to me as I discovered my desire to become a priest. In fact, I have wanted to become a priest ever since first grade. Since then, it has been all I have ever known. My family and friends have been supportive, along with my home parish, St. Paul II on Milwaukee's south side. One of the most influential figures in bolstering my faith, was my home parish pastor, Fr. Mike Ignaszak, who has been, and still is, a great friend and mentor. Over the years of my formation, I have learned a lot about myself, and God, but one of the best things has been realizing more and more how active God is in my daily life.

​I grew up on Milwaukee's south side, the only child of Roy and Barb. Many of my mom's family members live in the area, so I was always surrounded by aunts, uncles, and cousins. I attended St. Helen's grade school, graduating from Holy Wisdom Academy, which is the merger of St. Helen and St. Alexander schools. From there, I went to St. Thomas More High School, graduating in 2008. Following high school, I studied Philosophy at UW-Milwaukee for five years earning a Bachelors Degree in 2013. In fall of that year, I began my seminary studies at St. Francis de Sales Seminary and was ordained a priest on May 19, 2018.


​A few joys in life are being with family and friends and sharing a meal. Some of my fondest memories are just being together with important people in life, sharing and laughing about different things. It is true that I am a devout Packer fan. So, if the Packers are playing at noon, and I have the 11:00 am Mass, I can promise you short homilies! Other than that, my other great love is to fish at my family's cottage. That has been a fun, prayerful, and special time and place for me over the years.

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