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Arise Ambassador

Pope Francis said “The laity are called to become a leaven of Christian living within society” and we want to encourage you to do just this by becoming an Arise Ambassador for 2024!

An Arise Ambassador will work as a promoter, advocate and supporter of the Arise mission of inspiring people to fall in love with Christ in the Catholic Church. We ask that you
promote our need for volunteers by becoming one or asking others to volunteer, advocate for our events to be shared at your parishes and support us through prayer.

We are looking for at least one member from every parish to be an ambassador by promoting, advocating and supporting Arise in your own parish home.

Email for more information on how to become an Arise Ambassador, or sign up below!

“What drives me to continue working with Arise MKE is getting to create a space and an opportunity for Jesus to come close to us. Amidst the busyness of work, family, friends, and the mundane tasks of daily life, all that really matters at the end of our earthly lives is our relationship with Jesus. That relationship is only formed and fostered when we make the time to spend with Him - in the sacraments, and before His Presence in the Eucharist. Arise MKE encourages me to make the time to draw close to Jesus, and to invite others to do the same.”

– Jackie Schabold, Arise Worship Night Coordinator 

"I love to volunteer my time with the Arise Family Day to help promote young families living out their Catholic faith. Helping make ideas come to life that foster a growth in faith, fellowship and fun is the perfect combination for me. One of my favorite parts is to see the religious brothers, sisters and priests hanging out with families.


I have also dedicated time to the Arise Worship Nights as a breakout facilitator for younger children. I love passing on faith to young ones, they are so sweet and kind and open to learning what God has in store for them. Arise has a fantastic mission of fostering faith for each person and young families. Volunteering my time with this ministry has been worth every minute."

– Jodee Tlachac 

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