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Special Guests

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The Scally Brothers

The Scally Brothers are a dynamic duo from Toledo, Ohio composed of Jake and Zach Scally. From an early age the brothers developed a passion for their faith and love of all things music. In addition to their studio success, the duo performed nationally on a widely successful 70-date tour.

“God has blessed us in so many incredible ways,” says Jake. “When I wake up every morning, I always tell God thank you for all He has blessed us with. We owe it to Him, our community, and ourselves to pour all we have into our ministry. We approach every show from a heart of serving. We are here to serve the wonderful people, staff, and fans who make these tours possible.”


The duo strives to create an environment of full control to Jesus.  
“Our philosophy and method of leading worship ultimately comes from a heart of surrender,” Zach says. "When we are surrendered we can worship freely knowing that the Holy Spirit will lead us where we need to go next. Leading worship holds such a special place in our heart because we don't do this for our glory or fame, we do this for His. God will be praised and He will get the glory! We give Him our best just like the Father has given us His best (Jesus Christ). So in that time of surrender we lay everything at His feet.”

The Scally Brothers began writing and recording songs about hope and love over ten years ago, when the band was originally founded, with messages that are vital during the valleys of our lives. Their music provides answers, comfort, and affirmation, while offering a constant reminder that we aren’t alone, even in our darkest hour. 

In 2023 Jake & Zach are performing all around the United States of America for their seventh national tour. They share a special heart for Youth Ministry and Young Adults. The Scally Brothers strongly believe that their mission is to revive the youth of the Church and bring a new energy to its people. A bible verse that is modeled for the duo comes from the book of Philippians: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

Check out their new music here.

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