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Listening For God Through the Noise

My most recent encounter with hope was the day my big, important corporate job was dissolved in May during the unprecedented calamity of COVID-19 and the economic shutdown. 

I could not sleep, so I went to the basement at 3:30AM, angry and frustrated at the situation. I sat down at my table, where until 12 hours earlier my workstation had been. Forced to look around the room, I started to notice things. The stress that had been building for months, working from home, the uncertainty of contagion, the stress of managing people remotely and hitting deadlines all melted away.

Hanging all around me were messages of love from each of my kids. I had been so absorbed in work mode, that they had become part of the noise. I never stopped to look at them. I read all of them and knew at that moment that everything would work out. I didn’t know how, but I knew that I had a family and children who loved me unconditionally and they were showering me with it. It was the greatest feeling in the world.

- Sam P.

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